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How do I know if I have a claim against Zofran?

Given the variance of state laws and individual circumstances, this can be a very difficult question to answer.  Issues that affect the viability of a claim include 1) the statute of limitations in your state, 2) the type of birth defect your child experiences, 3) the smoking/drinking history of the mother, 4) the family history of the parents, and 5) the nature and type of medications taken during pregnancy.  It is also important to understand the science and research regarding Zofran is still evolving.  There are conflicting case studies concerning Zofran and harm to prenatal development. Therefore, if there is no current link between a specific birth defect and Zofran, there may be a link discovered in the future.

This is why it is very important to contact an attorney with experience in Zofran cases to evaluate your claim.  If you took Zofran during your first trimester of pregnancy, and your child was born with any type of birth defect, you should contact an attorney immediately.

At Kershaw|Talley, we usually tell you over the phone whether or not you have a viable claim.  If we cannot evaluate your case over the phone, we will order your medical records and your child’s medical records, and have an expert evaluate the content.

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