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Cobalt Chromium Toxicity

Zofran and Kidney Malformation

Kidney Malformation

  • The kidneys filter blood and excrete waste and toxins via urine. We have two kidneys located posteriorly. In utero (in the womb), kidneys function at 10 weeks, in the first trimester. Unfortunately, most major birth defects occur within the first trimester.
  • Causes: A study, Off-Label Use of Ondansetron in Pregnancy in Western Australia, examined ondansetron (Zofran) use in pregnant women. The researchers found an increased risk of obstructive defects of the renal pelvis and ureter (tube expelling urine from kidneys). Additionally, there was a 20% increased risk of a major birth defect among children exposed to ondansetron (Zofran) in the first trimester. The study “could not conclude that ondansetron is safe to use in pregnancy…and found an increased risk of a major birth defect, preterm birth, shorter birth length, and maternal urinary tract infection”.

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